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FondiDoc/EtfDoc/PreviDoc is a web-based tool that provide a complete information on mutual funds and SICAVs including all the legal documentation. More than 30,000 products between funds and ETF with detailed information,legal documents, fact sheets and historical trend analysis.

FondiDoc/EtfDoc/PreviDoc purpose

The service meets the needs of different types of users with different purposes:

  • users wishing to research the financial instruments targeted at retail investors, with information and updated data and analysis, or to examine legal and administrative documents connected to the instrument.
  • issuers wishing to reach greater visibility to their activities with maximum of transparency, and want to optimize updated documents distribution by a web-based platform.
  • "Top Companies" will be provided with a Fida proprietary platform for uploading documents and to enter any other information useful for investors according to the marketing department.

FondiDoc/EtfDoc/PreviDoc contents

Top Companies: Top Companies are management companies or instruments issuers who can use FondiDoc/EtfDoc/PreviDoc as a new showcase to increase visibility to all investors and financial professionals, provided with a customized space for banners, in-depth information, own videos, coordinated by Marketing and Communications service.
They can be placed on the home page in a scrolling ticker. They can manage and customize the content of their page and focus visitor attention on a short list of 5 instruments. Number and target of visits can be checked by an analytics report describing consulted pages and documents downloaded.
Fida can also manage the whole documents distribution process.
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Product Search: an easy way to find funds, Sicav and ETF in Fida database by name, ISIN, company and FIDArating category. The search engine displays list of instruments sortable by contents, documents or analysis.

Documentation: Legal documentation available inlcude: KIID, prospectus, subscription form, statement, the other provided documents (switch form, redemption form, …) and periodic reports.
In addition FIDA have made a standard product pdf report containing the most important static data and analysis. For Top companies only, these reports can be substituted or integrated by official reports.

Analysis: Statistical analysis, dynamic price-data charts, comparison charts with FIDArating benchmark. Most important analysis are included: return, volatility, downside volatility, Sharpe index and Sortino index.

Portfolios: Portfolio data, based on public information, include: top ten holdings, investment distribution by geographic area, sector, currency and rating.

Access to the service

FondiDoc/EtfDoc/PreviDoc is free of charge and registered users can have full access to the service that include documents download until five a day.
It is also available a tailored service to download massive data. Please contact for further informations.


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